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We have a special designed kids area, while you enjoy yourself so can your kids. The kids play area is equipted with bikes and toys to keep them busy and entertained, we even have a road like structure for them to take part in the race. Even when you are racing they can see you and cheer for you!! You can keep a eye on them aswell. There will be someone to look after them the whole time so you don't have to stress about that we got it sorted!! Hungry or thirsty? That's why we have a snack menu!!

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Kiddies parties

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Kids Party Idea!

Hello and welcome to Go Kart Party, Go-Kart Party is the most fun kids can have! We are a perfect kids party idea or celebration and provide a safe, fun environment for children to get behind the wheel and release their inner racer! Whether it’s a boy’s birthday party or a girl’s birthday party, we have no doubt that we represent one of the best kids birthday party ideas out their on the market!

"The years are racing by"


Who does not love a car themed birthday?

Making it the best party..

We get it. Planning a birthday party during these times isn’t as easy as it was earlier. But we’re here to put any of your concerns to rest.

Let’s not “kid” ourselves: planning a child’s go kart racing birthday party can be hard work. But not with us. Our group events representatives are seasoned pros when it comes to planning the right party for your kid. And our event packages are already tailored to provide the best birthday experience for everyone involved.


To get more information about our events and to check availability, you can reach out to us either by mailing us or cantacting us.

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