We Look Forward to You

Relax and Recharge

We have a great entertainment area where you will be able to buy soft drinks and yes you guessed it right alcohol.. We have a variety from beers to ciders and something stronger available aswell.


We offer a variety of snacks some yummy for that tummy!

We have a menu that you can choose from. we have a variety and sure that you will find something that you like if not we are open for any new suggestions.

Alcohol and driving

While you certainly can pretty much do anything while drunk, the answer is no! ... You shouldn't go go-karting when you're drunk. There are many things that can go wrong while under the influence of alcohol and in worst case can cause serious injury or even death to you and others.

Smoker's area

We cater for all, we also have a cordoned off smoker's area for those of you who need to indulge in a cigarette

Kiddies Playground

When all racing for the day is done and the desire for quenching your thirst is at it's peak, you can indulge in one of our many beverages available.

Spa & Wellness Area


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